Best E-Cig Brands 2017

We’re here to help you choose the best e-cigarette brand that makes sense for your style, personality, smoking preferences, and most importantly, your wallet with the best electronic cigarette brands.

We’re lifelong friends recently out of college.  Our New Years Resolution was to NEVER have a tobacco cigarette (or heater, cig, smoke, whatever you prefer to call them), and we embarked on this journey on January 1, 2013.

Thankfully, we had each purchased various electronic cigarette brands and swore to each other to use those, exclusively, in the year 2013.  You can read about how many times we broke our resolutions, thanks in part to poor choices of e-cig brands and bad advice, if you follow this link.

Since we did have so many bad brands and inferior products, we decided the world would be a better place if there was a resource that shared these reviews and opinions.  One of us has a technical background, and the other is an editorial junkie and the pretty face behind the site.  Together, we’re are happy to report we’ve been tobacco free for quite some time thanks to e-cigs!

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Best E-Cigarettes On The Market in 2017

We’ve reviewed hundreds of electronic cigarettes, and we have a clear winner for the best e-cigarette on the market.

It depends on your preference, when you really boil it all down.  We took the three most important factors (below) and from there decided that V2 Cigs was the best brand of e cig in the year 2017.

Read Our Full V2 Cigs Review Here

The Three Determining Factors

1.  Price – V2 Cigs has very affordable pricing on cartridges.  The cartridge refills are really the best gauge for how much it will cost you to smoke electronic cigarettes.  Not only are they the best price, but they also have very affordable accessories, starter kits, and e-liquids.

2.  Performance – ask anyone who has tried V2 Cigs, and they will tell you that they are far and away the best performing two piece e-cigarette.

3.  Selection – from a wide variety of cartridges, to a huge selection of accessories, and even e-liquids and starter kits, V2 offers something for everyone.
There are brands that are close in comparison, but for our money, V2 is innovating too fast for them to keep up.  It seems that every quarter a new innovation is released by the team at VMR Products, parent company of V2 Electronic Cigarettes.

If you seek the best product, look no further than V2 Cigs.  Click the below icon to reveal the current coupon code for 15% off starter kits and 10% off all other items.  (Only available at the official site of V2 Cigs.)

E Cigarette Reviews 2017 – Our Guidelines

In our resolution to give up smoking for e-cigs, we have reviewed a TON of electronic cigarettes. One reason is for each of us to find the best one to suit our personal taste.

The other reason is in coming together to create this site, as people are always asking us questions about e-cigs, and so we figured it is easiest for us to create this site and put all our information together and create a virtual electronic cigarette buyer’s guide for anyone who visits our site.

What goes into our reviews?

1.  We personally test each brand.

We rate them on performance, price, selection, availability, customer service, and vapor production.

2.  Other consumer sentiment.

We won’t lie, we do poke our heads around other sites to make sure we don’t overlook anything.  Sure, we’re two people and two heads are always greater than one, but having a look at what others say sometimes can help us find something about the brand (for example, the huge savings you get when you buy bundles or buy in bulk) that we may have missed.

We’re firm believers in full transparency.  We do reach out to brands to do giveaways and other types of promotions.  A promotion can include something like a blog post updating everyone that a new product is about to be released, or maybe something as simple as “Hey there is a sale Friday.”  We do try to manufacture relationships with e-cig brands, and we’d like to think that they like the press they get on our collective website.

Electronic Cigarette Brands

Now that electronic cigarettes are on the verge of joining the mainstream, the number of available brands makes a long list. A smoker thinking about trying e-cigs will have to compare many of them, but he also needs to know what to look for. How can he gauge good from bad, better from best?

First, take a look at just some of the many brand names on the market. V2 Cigs is probably the top dog where mini cigs are concerned, but Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, Halo, White Cloud, and Cigavette are also strong performers. There are Volt e-cigs by Smokeless Image, Bull Smoke e-cigs, Apollo, Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke, and Vapor Zone products as well. All of these companies (plus several more) manufacture something known as a cigalike.

The cigalike is a device that resembles a regular cigarette. Its length, circumference, and weight are roughly equivalent to that of a real cigarette. The tip glows, thanks to an LED light activated by puffing. No ash is produced because an atomizer heats up liquid. The consumer is puffing on vapor created from liquid containing just two or three ingredients ideally.

While each of these firms makes analog-style vaping pens, several of them offer multiple battery sizes so that your cigalike will be longer than a cigarette.

A few other brands, like JoyeTech and Kanger, make electronic cigs which were not designed to look like cigarettes. They are wider and longer with high-capacity batteries. The user activates a heating element inside by pushing a button then drags on the vapor produced. These are known as eGo cigarettes.

The Top Brands

Entrepreneurs keep launching e cig companies. Some rise close to the top, but many won’t because the dominant ones understand vaping better than anyone. They know how to stay on top with regular e cigs and sometimes advanced vaping gear.

All of the top e cig brands represented here are American. This article could have branched out to include Chinese manufacturers, but that would make it even harder to narrow down a highly competitive field. will help you find the best electronic cigarette brands of 2015 by doing in depth reviews of many different companies.

Which Brands Are Considered The Best E Cig Companies?

There are a few brands that we consider among the top, but our top 3 are Vaporfi, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs. These 3 companies have been tried and tested year after year, and continue to be the best of the best.

As we add content to our site, if you are just looking into this, check out Vaporfi. They are a terrific brand, and they have something for every level of vaping!

Naming Big Names

In general, there are many good firms doing good things. Very little separates them from the rest of the pack, if anything. What brings them into the top 5 here has as much to do with sales and popularity. Volcano, for example, is a very good brand. Triple 7, Cigavette, and NuvoCig aren’t bad either. Square Cig, 21st Century Smoke, and Arctic are all strong. We have our favorite picks listed here, but that’s not to say there aren’t other good brands. In fact, there are so many firms now, it is hard to keep up with.

Choosing the Best

Firstly, they had to supply new vapers with choices. I did not select VaporFi, for instance, because their mini cig is more of an afterthought while they build their arsenal of high-powered devices. They only make 5 flavors of over-priced pre-filled cartomizers. I didn’t even select V2 Cigs because they veer into the herbal world which distracts from their mini cig focus. I chose companies which either focus on cigalikes or present a balance of mini cigs and eGo-style vapes.

Halo Cigs

This early-starter in the e cig business is one example. Their G6 mini cig start kit remains affordable, trendy, stylish, and technically excellent.

Halo G6

Early bugs have been worked out so that Halo now presents a generally leak-free product. Their e liquids are excellent. Numerous flavors are available in the pre-filled format while blanks are available to fill with their excellent Purity liquid. A Triton Tank system represents the next step, and an easy one at that. If you can press a button and fill a tank, vaping with this bigger battery is a cinch.Read The Review

Visit Halo Website



South Beach Smoke

Even though this sister-company of VaporFi sells vaporizers and e liquid, they still sell their reliable and excellent cigalike battery and cartomizer kits.

South Beach Deluxe Kit

Although cartomizers are overpriced, their five starter kits offer great value. Begin with a one-battery, two-cartomizer kit at the entry level before committing to a bigger set. Choose from 16 flavors or buy e juice and an Air e cig: a simple, 350-mAh device with a clear tank. It’s not much different from a cigalike in terms of size and power; it just doesn’t look like a cigarette.

Read The Review

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White Cloud

Like Green Smoke, Florida’s White Cloud continues to serve the newly-vaping public with their three sizes of mini cig battery.

Cirrus Omni Starter Kit

What I love most about them is their disposable e cigs. Of course, vaping this isn’t as “green” as vaping rechargeables, but it’s great to be presented with numerous choices of flavor without the bill being especially high. White Cloud is affordable and one of the top companies to work for in the Tampa area. I love their website, too, which presents scientific info in both layman’s and academic terms.

Read The Review

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Vapor Titan premium kit

An American former-smoker got this company off the ground early on and has remained dedicated to his US audience. The Titan mini cig, automatic or manual, is easy to use and comes in several colors. Starter kits are affordably priced: pair them with low-priced pre-filled or blank cartomizers.

Read The Review

Visit Vapor4life

Green Smoke

Few companies have held their ground in the mini-cig field, feeling instead the need to compete by offering more power plus e liquid. Green Smoke has remained true to a simple approach: sell the same type of two-piece kit and basically the same flavors as they always have because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Prices have come down too, so new vapers and existing customers can rejoice together.

How established are these firms?

Customers build up relationships with e-cig companies and grow to trust them if their service is stellar. Changing course can be intimidating.

If you think you are going to vape in the long term, consider starting with a company that sells eGo cigs and mini cigs. Halo Cigs makes the G6 cigalike and a Triton Tank System. While a cigalike provides about 180mAh to 280mAh of power (enough for 2 to 3 hours of vaping), an eGo like the Triton contains from 400mAh to 1300mAh of power (for half a day or an entire weekend).

Vapor Fi makes six types of e-cigs, starting with an Express cigalike and ending with an even more advanced unit than the Triton. With Vapor Zone, a consumer can slowly progress through varying levels of electronics before ending up with a high-powered “mod” or modifiable e-cig, something only experienced consumers are recommended to try.

JoyeTech and Kanger also make advanced units, while JoyeTech provides something similar to a cigalike as well. With JoyeTech, you can move through the levels as you would at Vapor Zone, and this brand is sold by many online retailers. Consequently, there are numerous pricing strategies and the chance to save quite a bit of money.

Cigavette makes a “Go” e-cig which looks like a cigalike but has more power. It is a long version of the familiar “pen” style device.

Our recommendation for advanced & eGo-Style devices:


Once you get out of analog-style devices, the vaping world opens up and the brands you want to look for are JoyeTech, Kanger, SmokTech, Vision, and Innokin. These manufacturers make reliable, inexpensive, advanced devices for intermediate consumers and advanced ones.

This is also a time when you will try different styles of clearomizers and tanks. Some of these are disposable and inexpensive. They cost $3 or more, come in lots of colors, and cannot be taken apart. The atomizer or heating element in a rebuildable clearomizer can be replaced.

In even more advanced units, a cartomizer fits inside a tank. The atomizer can be replaced or rebuilt. When the tank tube cracks, new ones are available so you do not have to get rid of the top and cap which are perfectly good. Some brands are clear; some are covered in metal with a viewing window.

Refills for Cigalikes

Cigalikes are made to be refilled by attaching a new cartomizer that has already been filled with liquid. Several companies also make blank cartomizers to be refilled with the juice of one’s choice. An eGo cigarette attaches to a tank which can only be refilled in this way.

V2, Halo, and Vapor Zone all make blank cartomizers and pre-filled cartomizers. Halo also makes a small, transparent clearomizer (clear tank) which can be fitted to the same, small battery.

These change the look of a vaping pen so that it no longer resembles a cigarette.
Our recommendation for cigalikes:


The average number of pre-filled cartomizer flavors offered by the companies above is 10. Bull Smoke makes just that many. South Beach Smoke now makes 16 flavors. Vapor Zone provides a smaller selection, but this company makes e-liquid in countless flavors which are also sold by South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke (each is part of a trio owned by International Vaping Group). At Cigavette, they have just two flavors: menthol and tobacco.

The addition of e-liquid to a menu along with blank cartomizers is important. This provides the opportunity to get past a short, often dull list of proprietary flavors and try juice made by any manufacturer or hand-made, artisan juices. You will become tired of standard offerings like tobacco, menthol, chocolate, and grape.

Advanced E-Cigs

Firms like Bull Smoke and Blu stick with the cigalike. Their customers either continue using small vapor pens or they branch out to try advanced models. This means giving their business to another company, which can seem risky.

E-Cigarette Tanks

Whereas first-base electronic cigarettes come with cartridges, an eGo or other advanced model typically features a tank. E cig tanks come in sizes not much more capacious than cartridges but they reach sizes of 3.5ml or more. They are designed to be refilled, taken apart, cleaned, and some can be rebuilt where necessary.

Brands of Tanks

Kanger makes the Protank. Joye makes tanks to go with their eGo models, etc. Smoktech DC tanks come in clear or colored varieties. Some brands only sell tanks, while others can carry vaping kits which include tanks.


Experienced vapers often talk about the importance of using a glass tank. Like wine drinkers, they believe vapor tastes better when stored in glass and that plastic and metal tanks leave a strange aftertaste. Glass is, obviously, more likely to break if you drop it. Plastic is sturdier.

Drip Tips

The top of your vaping tank, or mouthpiece, is either fixed onto the tank or can be added and changed. Advantages of changing include getting a new look for your tank regularly (perhaps a unique glass one), replacing scratched tips, and hygiene considerations.

The advantage of a fixed drip tip is that it is one piece with the tank leading to less chance for liquid to leak. No matter what anyone says about their products, many brands of e cig tanks leak a little or a lot.


A tank sold independently of a vaping unit can be a good deal, but it has to fit the battery thread on your system. Check the threading of your tank before buying one.


Since your tank comes with an atomizer, there are parts inside the system which you hardly notice most of the time. The head and wick of an atomizer can frequently be replaced unless you buy tanks designed to be thrown out. The ability to rebuild a tank is considered a cost-saving advantage because these parts are much cheaper than the whole thing.

Learn how to take a tank apart, even if only to clean it periodically. This will keep your juice from tasting like an acidic mix of incompatible flavors.

E-Cig Mods

Mods are electronic cigarettes, though not cigalikes. Slightly advanced e cigs possess greater battery capacity and performance. They typically produce lots of vapor. There are mods, however, and there are mods. At the elementary stage, e cig mods feature 400mAh batteries: not a whole lot of oomph. This is barely beyond cigalike batteries at their best.

Vaping Mods

Moving right along, a personal vaping unit known as the eGo contains a battery big enough to store energy for almost an entire day of vaping, maybe more for light vapers. Ratings of 650mAh or thereabouts are standard for this type of machine, especially at first. It can take time to get used to producing so much more vapor, experiencing greater throat hit, and having more control over your machine than you used to.

As these models progress, their batteries contain anything from 1,000mAh to over 2,000, and vapers notice the difference. Enjoying uninterrupted vaping with consistent vapor and flavor production is not to be taken for granted.


At the very least, an eGo mode will come with an on/off battery, but things become more complicated the further you delve. That button might serve as a means of selecting power settings. An LED screen is probably present on the power unit.

Variable Voltage

What does that screen tell you? Special symbols identified in an instruction manual indicate if the battery is running low or is on high charge. It tells you the voltage or wattage you have chosen to run your unit at.

VV or VW models (variable voltage or variable wattage) are highly prized by vapers because control transfers to them. An uncontrolled battery put out a voltage range and you enjoyed the corresponding level of vapor. When this can be varied, consumers discover that there are settings which suit certain types of e juice to produce a mellow or bold flavor as per their preference.


As e cigarette mods rise in price, there are more built-in protective features. These prevent the battery from being destroyed by a short circuit, low resistance, overheating, or low voltage.


You had best approach the subject of mods with a budget in your head. Otherwise, there is too much choice such as $40 units with just the basics of an on/off switch and LED screen and kits containing power units and tanks. VV and VW modifications climb so high in price you might wonder if smoking cigarettes was cheaper after all.

Surveying Electronic Cigarette Brands

When you first start, those advanced devices seem like they belong to a distant future, but you will be at that stage sooner than you imagined. Many vapers choose to operate all kinds of e-cigs: one for social occasions, one in the home, and others for particular styles of juice.

While you do not want to be ripped-off by the mark-up some companies place on their products, there is more to consider than just price. Quality is important. You are dealing with batteries, after all. Buy good ones backed by reliable brand names.

More About Vapor Cigarettes

As the medical and scientific worlds decide what to make of electronic cigarettes, smokers and vapers also do their best to figure out where they stand. Is this relatively new way to “smoke” actually harmless or are the experts only able to really say that it is harmless compared to cigarettes?

Let’s take a look at what e cigs are and the controversy around them. 

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs, are devices which look like cigarettes in shape and size. Powered by a battery, they contain e juice heated by a coil.

When puffed, the end of this device lights up the way the end of a cigarette lights when a person puffs on it. E juice or e liquid is made from propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring.

Consumers can buy disposable versions or they purchase rechargeable ones sold in kits with a USB chargers and wall adapters, plus extra e liquid filters.


What Do Advocates Say about E Cigs?

People who appreciate e cigs (usually former smokers and their loved ones) believe these little cigarette-like devices have allowed them to quit smoking when nothing else would.

They cite the numerous good things about e cigs: the lack of tar, the possibility to give up nicotine little by little, the fact that they can be recharged and other environmental benefits, and the way their health improves when most of the thousands of chemicals they used to inhale are gone. Many businesses allow vapers to “light up” indoors although smoking is banned.

What Do Opponents of E Cigs Say?

In spite of the positive nature of the top electronic cigarettes, there are many unknown factors which scientists are trying to determine:

  • Is second hand vapor harmful to others?
  • Is vapor inhaled by users of e cigs actually harmless or merely better than cigarette smoke?
  • How much e waste does an e cig habit produce and is this better than the waste created by cigarettes?
  • Do e cigs and their many fruity or sweet flavors attract young vapers who would never have tried smoking or adults who were never attracted to cigarettes but are interested in e cigs?

Some customers have also discovered there are risks associated with buying low-priced products. Certain “cloned” devices have caught fire or exploded, even while in a person’s mouth. Though rare, incidents of these kinds cause justified concerns.

The Science So Far

Many scientific studies are underway although experts have weighed in with their opinions already. Numerous doctors, having seen their patients’ health improve with the switch from cigarettes to electronic versions, believe these are a good thing. They argue that anything which can end a 50-year smoking habit has to be given a chance.

A few studies have determined, however, that nicotine in vapor form can be absorbed by the body of a second-hand vaper if enough vapor is present in the air close enough to the non-vaper. Then again, opinions about the dangers of nicotine are also under dispute.

Is nicotine life-threatening or merely as treacherous a stimulant as caffeine?

Again, there is inadequate information on this topic since the main factor under discussion has generally been the comparison between chemicals in smoke and chemicals in vapor.

The WHO (World Health Organization) tells the public to avoid e cigs; that science is showing significant health concerns related to vaping. They argue against e cigs because too little is known.

The FDA, meanwhile, have yet to approve of e cigs for the same reason. In particular, experts are uncertain whether chemicals found in e liquid (particularly artificial flavoring) are more dangerous when inhaled than when ingested.

Although the average consumer (smoker or non-smoker) regularly eats foods containing synthetic flavoring, ingesting and inhaling are two very different things.

Where the FDA Stands Now

So far there has been a lot of “smoke” but no real fire from the FDA. The public has been invited to have their say. Elected officials at every level of government in each state have debated the pros and cons of rechargeable “cigarettes.”

There is no unity around the topic and e cigs are still legal all over the place, although they are treated in the same way as cigarettes. One must be of legal age to smoke in order to purchase these items.

What will happen to the industry after the FDA comes to its conclusions?

That is difficult to say, although the atmosphere around this subject suggests that e cig manufacturers and e liquid companies can expect continued opposition even if their products are not banned. Numerous companies will be shut down for failing to meet certain universal safety standards. Others will continue to operate under strict guidelines.

E cig companies will have to meet so many regulations that several will find the rules too onerous to continue operating. There are companies taking advantage of e cigs’ popularity, but legalities will kill off the good with the bad.

Where Vapers Stand

While they wait for official statements, the vaping community continues to use e cigs and applaud manufacturers. E liquid companies continue to spring up with new flavors and various options for consumers who want more propylene glycol, more vegetable glycerin for thicker clouds, organic, natural, and varied flavors.

What The Top Manufacturers Are Doing Today

A couple of trends in the business are to make high-wattage devices that produce thick clouds and to create crossover products used for vaping and for vaporizing herbs or essential oils. Some of the best e cigarette brands like V2 Cigs, Vaporfi, and Eonsmoke are just three companies making products for both the herbal and the e liquid market.

With the help of tiny computer chips, clients use box-shaped e cigs (known as advanced personal vaporizers) to turn their e liquid into competition-winning clouds of vapor.

It will certainly be difficult to wipe out interest in this industry and if the government tried to shut it down, e cigs would go underground. They would be shipped from countries where vaping flourishes.

The U.S. Government knows this and is treading carefully, preferring to have the electronic cigarettes under control than to attempt to stop consumers from using them completely.

Be sure to check out our in depth electronic cigarette reviews of the best brands onlined for 2015.