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Cosmic Fog Vapors

When Americans first started looking carefully at ingredients in their e juice, a number of e liquid blenders from the US got busy developing their own lines. They placed emphasis on quality ingredients and highlighted the fact that their liquids were made in the United States where standards could be carefully regulated.
Cosmic Fog was one of those early companies lifting the expectations of American vapor juice consumers. Recently, their liquids were tested independent for the presence of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Here is what testing revealed.
VaporShark Testing Results for Cosmic Fog Vapors
One of the many companies carrying Cosmic Fog Vapors is VaporShark. VaporShark management had all of the brands they sell tested by a third party, and the news is good for Cosmic Fog.
Not one of their liquids contained traceable amounts of diacetyl. Only one showed high levels of acetyl propionyl: Church, with 12.9 ppm. PPM stands for "parts per million" and shows that there is very little acetyl propionyl in Church e juice.
What Does the FDA Say about Acetyl Propionyl?
Regulatory bodies don't know what to say about acetyl propionyl for now. Studies are lacking, although this is the substance which was supposed to make buttery-tasting products safer in place of diacetyl.
As spokespeople for Cosmic Fog Vapors point out, no one knows for sure whether acetyl propionyl is safe, but they have made this promise: to be among the first e juice mixologists to find out. They not only support VaporShark's efforts and intentions but also plan to take their concern further by promoting studies of acetyl propionyl for safety's sake.
What we do know is that Cosmic Fog Vapors uses top-quality ingredients. Both their vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are USP-grade.
E Liquids at Cosmic Fog
That smiling cloud with triangular sunglasses is one of the most popular vapor juice images around judging by how many online and brick-and-mortar vendors carry Cosmic Fog Vapors. Kryptonite, among consumers' favorites, is a sweet melon candy vape.
Marshmallow, cream, and honey are blended to form Milk and Honey. With Cola Gummy, you get what you expect complete with "fizz." Church tastes like an ice cream sundae drizzled in hot fudge sauce. Taste tropical flavors, strawberry, and lemonade when you vape The Shocker.
Nutz is Cosmic Fog Vapor's take on a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich. Cosmic Fog Vapors has also launched their Lost Fog collection with "The Streak": strawberry yogurt. Maybe they were inspired by The Schwartz's yogurt-style e liquids. Visit Cosmic Fog on Facebook to take part in contests and to learn more about their new collection.