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Back in the days when this wasn't a company but just two men working out of a van, Mt Baker Vapor sold e juice and delivered it personally to their customers. They carried a few pieces of hardware, but most of their time was spent marketing and selling homemade e juice.
Today, Mt Baker Vapor is so successful they sell products online and also from a shop in Lynden, Washington. That shop began with an idea Jesse and James had back in 2011 and is the fruition of dedication and teamwork.
Mt Baker Vapor E Juice
The number of flavors advertised on their website just keeps growing, but best-sellers are not the same month after month. Hawk Sauce was the juice back in the day. When the alarming colors of their GWAR line came out, some of these styles caught up with Hawk Sauce. Besides, vapers' tastes simply change. I will look at their selection generally before delving into a few flavors more deeply.
Best Sellers
Bloodbath from the GWAR line is one of the top sellers along with Admiral Berry Crunch (cereal) and Cinnamon Roll. Bloodbath sounds and looks gross but is in fact just tropical fruit with red food coloring (available without coloring as well).
Mt Baker Vapor Specialty
Here are some of the special flavors Mt Baker Vapor has devised for their clients. Apfelstrudel, Arctic Heat, Cinnamon Toast Munch, and Constable Coconut's Cookie seem to represent the pulse of their patrons. Guabana Berry (guava, banana, strawberry) and French Toast do a good job of keeping the crowds happy too.
Nut and Spice
The list is short but Mt Baker Vapor felt the following items deserved their own sub-heading. Cinnamon Roll is found here with Hazelnut and Peanut Butter.
Drink Pink Champagne without becoming tipsy. Sip coffee and don't get a caffeine buzz (although nicotine will take care of that). Ecto Cooler tastes like a sweet drink you loved when you were a kid and a fan of Ghostbusters. While you guzzled a juice-like drink, your parents poured tiny glasses of Irish Cream (also sold here sans alcohol).
Customize Juice
As for the other flavors, customers select nicotine, bottle size (as low as $3.99 for 15 ml), propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (up to max-VG or 80% PG), and have the option to ask for flavor shots costing from 25 cents each. Juices are made from USP products and bases which they also sell to clients who want to make liquid at home. Buy the flavorless base or an extract.
Build Your Own Juice
Before VaporFi, Mt Baker Vapor invited their customers to build a liquid starting from the ground up. They could choose from up to 5 flavors and select their favorite ratio of PG and VG (which they can also do with pre-existing flavors). Clients also determine how many parts out of a 15 ml (or larger) bottle each flavor should represent. They don't have to be equally balanced. Really interesting flavors might find their way to the menu.
On Sale
Several items are on the chopping board and are close to selling out at severely slashed prices. These include 555 Menthol, Amaretto, Blue Drake, and Crème de Menthe. The list is too long to duplicate here. Certain items are on the block but stock is sufficient to smother any panic for now.
Vapers will also find that hardware by trusted names like Innokin is sold at very affordable and competitive prices at Mt Baker Vapor.