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evape 3 years ago

Vista Vapors Review

Take a look at the pictures on Vista Vapors' "About Us" page. They tell you a story before you even read the text.
Vista vapors about us pageThis is a company driven by family; by the need to be around for loved ones and not die of smoking-related illness.
Two former smokers bring this passion to their work and their dedication has resulted in the formation of a long-running e liquid company.
The site might look a little bit different from its former configuration, but this is still the same "Vista Vapors" you have come to know and, potentially, to love.
Customer-oriented E Liquid Outlook
William, David, and their team are depicted in a great cartoon which brings humor and life to serious business; the business of building high-quality e liquid and setting a positive example for their children. They use only 100% natural kosher vegetable glycerin and USP-grade propylene glycol in the making of their liquids.
Patrons get to buy juice as-is or customized. For instance, add anything from 10% to 50% flavor boost. Choose a PG/VG ratio such as 50/50, 70/30, or Max-VG. Select a nicotine strength: zero, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, or 24 mg per/ml. Pay just $4.99 for each 7-ml bottle of liquid made in the United States.
mix your own e juice at vista vapors
They do not say where their juice-making headquarters is or what they mean by a high-quality facility (that term is relative until someone slaps a US-certification label on it). Some labs are FDA-approved even if e liquids are not. I would love to know their definition of "high standards."
But it is worth noting (if you have not visited many other e liquid companies) that few firms allow you this level of customization.
Sure, you select the strength. Sometimes there is a flavor booster option or the choice of PG/VG ratio. Usually, neither of these options is present or you get one or the other to choose from.
Vista Vapors is humble enough to acknowledge that not all their flavors are of a preferred flavor ratio for their customers whose opinions, by the way, are posted on their website. Read them for better or worse to learn more about how their versions of standard offerings compare to those you have already tried or read about.
vista vapors flavorsFlavors at Vista Vapors
They carry so many flavors (over 160) that these can be broken into categories. They are candy, dessert, drinks, fruit, menthol/mint, specials, and tobacco.
Customers can also view styles alphabetically without narrowing the list down by category. This is advantageous if you haven't explored the considerable array of possibilities before or if you are looking for a change.
Choose Acai or Clementine in the fruit section or a standard like Red Apple. Sugar Cookies, Vanilla, and Birthday Cake are desserts. Select TruBacco, American Tobacco, or Arctic Chocolate (tobacco or menthol/mint).
In the candy section, they have Swedish Fins; Caramel Coffee, Whiskey, Professor Pepper, and Red Energy under "drinks." It is also possible to buy just the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin needed to make your own e liquids at home.
Making Your Own vs. Buying from Vista Vapors
There are good points and bad points to making DIY liquid. One of the negatives is how much work is involved.
New e liquid mixologists spend numerous hours testing how many drops of flavor to add to what volume of base liquid. They play around with ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and wonder why their juice does not taste like the stuff they bought from a favorite e liquid company. There is all the stuff to buy: beakers, droppers, and many more items.
One Free Bottle of E-Juice - Just Pay $1.99 Shipping
But making your own e liquid is a chance to develop unique flavors. While it is easy to buy Tequila and Clementine from Vista Vapors and blend them together in an empty bottle, you could come up with something even more stunning at home after trial and error.
It is not necessary (or advisable) to market DIY juice unless you can set up a facility that meets exacting quality standards and have a strong business background (or excellent advice). Then again, many of today's finest e liquid blenders started out as amateurs purchasing the raw ingredients and experimenting until they were happy with their results.
Buy Vaping Hardware at Vista Vapors
The team at Vista Vapors also carries electronic vaping devices, a select assortment from some of the most trusted firms in this industry. They include a number of Innokin products for most levels such as their iTaste 134 ($149.99) and 134 Mini (take away $10), Cool Fire II (the grenade, $58.99), Vamo, Kanger, and more.
Vista Vapors kits
They have the eLeaf iStick for $36.99 which is a basic variable wattage mod for sub-ohm enjoyment. Visit them for hardware if you are advanced, just a beginner, or somewhere in the middle. Pricing is pretty good here.
Other Facts about Vista Vapors
Usually, there is a shipping fee applied to e cig and e liquid orders, even domestic ones, and Vista Vapors is no different in this respect. But they also set their free-shipping limit at a low $50.
If you want to buy items as a wholesale customer (that is, take advantage of bulk pricing on their liquids), the minimum is $150.
The Vista Vapors rewards program is similar to what you have already encountered at other e cig sites. Spend a certain amount of money and receive points that amount to store credit.
Every 100 points is worth $1, but only to be spent at Vista Vapors. To earn actual cash, you need to consider becoming one of their affiliates and earning sales commissions by promoting the brand on your existing e cig forum or another website where the brand logo would seem to belong.
Vista Vapors is an American company. If you were looking to drop by (I am not sure if you can, but it's worth asking), they are located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
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