E Cig Affiliate Programs

A lot of people earn a bit of extra money as affiliates. They are otherwise known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) affiliate. But in the e cig industry, if there are multi-levels the limit is 2. E cig affiliates are not sales people in the same sense that an Avon lady or spice sales person sells things.

Those individuals might host tables at craft or Christmas events and carry products onsite. A lot of affiliates order products for their clients and accept them for delivery, but do not stock items. They handle money though. E cig affiliates handle neither e cigs nor money.

E Cig Affiliate Program

There are a number of standard features in e cig marketing. One is free sign up. You should never pay to become an affiliate. In fact, many companies pay their affiliates just for signing up.
Affiliates are paid at regular intervals: usually monthly, sometimes weekly.

They usually have to earn a minimum amount before pay-outs are made. The e cig company supplies marketing materials such as banners and peel pages for websites and blogs, or print materials where available.

Thanks to internet marketing, affiliate-links are recorded and traced, often in real time. Affiliates can follow their accounts online at any hour.

Variable features include how you will be paid: by check, Paypal, bank wire, or any one of two or three options. A number of companies only pay commission for sales of starter kits. Others pay one level of commission for starter kits and another for other products. Commission rates vary from 10% to 30%, with the highest level for top sales people.

There aren’t any rules to the way this system can work. Lots of programs have been reviewed by fellow affiliates, but often this also tells you there is already a glut of affiliates taking their share of profits. Think about that when you select a brand to promote.

Some of the E Cig Companies to Watch

V2 Cigs is among the most highly rated e cig companies in the industry. Their conversion rate was fairly high in recent history and though they are probably losing some of the market share with every new product that joins the market, they also add new products regularly to pull back some of that share.

Green Smoke is also highly rated. Their conversion rate is excellent. Safe Cig, 777, and Halo are three more likely bets for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. Consider Apollo too.

Blu Cig says their rate of conversion is the highest. They have already paid out more than 3 million dollars in commission. Affiliates are provided with images, banners, printed ads, and page peels. Instead of commission, however, they supply a dollar amount on products: $20 for each rechargeable kit and $1 on each package of cartridge refills.

This is a bit vague: recharge kits cost from $39.95 to $89.95. Cartridges are priced $12.80 or $13.80 per five-pack. You might have to look more deeply into this program. Commission is probably better because you always get paid a percentage of sales which does not vary with the cost of the item. Blu Cig pays affiliates monthly by check and uses a tracking code to discern which affiliates are responsible for which sales.

E Cigs and More

The affiliate system works for brand name e cigs, e liquid, and also for e cig retailers. Many of the best e cig affiliate programs are not connected to a particular brand but instead give marketers a chance to earn from sales of Chinese products or highly expensive mods sold over the internet.

Considerations of an E Cig Affiliate

You need to evaluate a lot of e cig programs from a number of angles to decide which one is going to work best for you. For example, is the commission rate only decent when your sales top a certain level? Perhaps you have to be an excellent sales person but could earn a lot more by choosing this program.

Maybe you already vape with a product and can vouch for it personally. Personal testimony makes a big difference to the way you promote a product and how trustworthy you seem. You should be able to demonstrate it if someone asked you about a device after you gave him a brochure. No product feature should catch you by surprise.

A number of products have low commission but high conversion rates or the other way around. You might not notice a high level of conversion or high commission rates, but the average price of each sale is high enough to make up for that. Popularity can earn you money, but so can finding a niche somewhere that has not been heavily tapped by other affiliates.

You might be able to use your own coupon codes or not; have 30 days of cookies, 6 months, or a year. Of course, if a brand is plagued by problems (being called a “scam,” for instance) it doesn’t matter how much money they say you can earn. Stay away from their affiliate marketing scheme or you will go down with the ship.

Reporting Tools

Affiliate marketers have access to reports of their own sales and also general internet analysis tools. Analytics will show you the kind of traffic a site receives and enable you to compare this traffic from one site to another. Never underestimate how important the internet will be to your success as an affiliate: most of your commission will come from links found on the worldwide web.