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To keep this simple, we’ve compiled coupon codes for our favorite brands such as V2, South Beach Smoke, VaporFi (the new Vapor Zone) and Volcano E-Cigs. Another great feature about the discounts we’ve arranged through each company is they don’t have an expiration, and so write them down, or bookmark this page, as you can use these on all your future purchases!

We’re all about saving money, and that’s one of the things that attracted us, and tons of people we talk with to electronic cigarettes.

You are already saving some nice money with e-cigs, and even more with any of the following discounts provided by Vape Guide.

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If you were asked to name three major brands of electronic cigarettes for beginners, what would they be? V2 Cigs would probably be up there and possibly Green Smoke. VaporZone has come on strong too. These are definitely three of the most popular, reliable, and affordable brands of electronic cigarette in the United States today. In the following article, find out why they come so highly recommended.

Affordability Factor

At the end of the day, you have a budget to work from and it’s probably not huge. Even though cigarettes are expensive when you add up the annual cost, most of that is spent as a trickle and you probably wish you were not so addicted so you had extra cash.

Imagine trying to motivate yourself to quit but being faced with the prospect of big upfront costs, knowing you might not like it. If that happened you could be as much as $50 poorer depending on where you bought your starter kit and stuck buying cigarettes after all.

V2 Cigs and Green Smoke sell disposable e cigarettes while all three carry affordable entry-level starter kits. Pay less than $30 to get started with vaping. A bundle comes with at least one battery, a USB charger, and flavor cartridges.

Only the Vaporfi Express is sold without e liquid cartridges, but their $30 starter features more pieces in exchange. Be honest: how much did you spend on cigarettes last month? Electronic cigarettes are far cheaper.

They are also cheaper in the long run. Read a savings chart posted by an e cig website and you see that the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes costs less than $3 once you get started.
Maintaining Affordability in the Long Run

Using cartridges every day is not the cheapest way to go either. You could realize even greater savings if you buy blank refill cartridges or tanks from V2 Cigs or VaporZone. These are refilled by dripping liquid from a bottle. Compare the cost of cartridges and bottles milliliter to milliliter and there is no contest: e liquid is cheaper.

V2 Cigs carries a good selection of flavors, but Vaporfi is famous for its 30,000+ possibilities. Alongside pre-mixed favorites they also offer the option to blend up to three flavors into customized mixtures. Flavor profiles include cocktails, coffee drinks, fruits, and desserts. Tobacco and menthol varieties are also available.

V2 Cigs provides something similar, but the commitment is bigger. Order 100 cartomizers for over $200, each filled with your choice of e liquid blend. That’s a lot of e liquid if you regret your selected blend, but you get through 2 or more a day: that’s 50 days, less than 2 months of vaping, and it’s totally fresh juice, custom blended for you.
Quality Flavors

V2 Cigs and Vaporfi Express are great; they make wonderful juice. Green Smoke, however, gets exceptional ratings for the freshness of their e liquid cartridges. Besides batch-testing and stamping each item with a best-before date, they also triple-seal for freshness.

Upgrading Opportunities

Green Smoke keeps things simple, but V2 Cigs has been adding items to their lineup at a pace that is tough to keep up with. First they gave vapers a feminine, slim model called Vapor Couture. It was made specifically for women in colors like Rose Gold and Deep Purplse with attractive accessories.

Then they added the EX battery and cartridge series which gives the vaper a longer-lasting cartridge and attractive design options. Soon after, the Pro Series 3, a 3-in-1 vaporizer came along. It is designed to work with herbs, essential oils, and e liquid. Their designers never sit still. Upcoming versions of the 3-in-1 will be digitally controlled.

Vaporfi sells 6 models of e cigs, 5 as starter kits. The Jet is being phased out by the look of things, but they still have the Express, Air, Pro, Pulse, and Rebel. The Pro is sold in three styles: with a Platinum tank, in colors, or in black.

The Air is a compromise between eGo cigs and mini cigs providing 350 mAh of power in a palm-sized format. The Pro is an eGo, that being a larger version of the mini cig. Manually operated it gives you power for a day and a tank to match. The Pulse comes with a unique circular charging dock and the Rebel is a digital mod.

Why don’t mini cig companies focus on mini cigs? They are too smart for that. The majority of their customers will either quit vaping once the craving for nicotine goes away or they will upgrade to a fancier, more powerful model of e cig. The makers of V2 and Vaporfi knew there was an opportunity here to build customers for life by giving them stepping stones to a fuller experience.

Going Green

No model of electronic cigarette embodies the ‘green’ side of vaping like Green Smoke. Other companies promote odorless vapor and push recycling; many logos and branding ideas are crisp and clean; but Green Smoke got there first. The website is built around the idea that the environment can be beautiful if at least one pollutant — cigarettes — is removed. Images on their site show individuals of all ages looking happy, healthy, and doing energetic things.

Green Smoke’s commitment to limiting vapers’ carbon footprint is so strong that they offer free recycling services. Send them your empty cartridges to receive a free gift. You do not pay for shipping. Several battery recycling depots exist all over the country, and the company encourages clients to seek these out. (Read our full Green Smoke review here).

Customer Service Giants

Big companies have staff: not just two people answering phones and filling boxes for shipment, but a crew of individuals employed in various departments. V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and Vapor Fi fit this bill. Their customer service team comes across as professional, trained, and committed.

It is no fun to have problems when your parcel arrives, but addressing a vendor error is your chance to find out if a firm’s phone associates have what it takes. At V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, and Vaporfi they prove their worth over and over.