Best E Juice Of 2017

Don’t let e liquid snobs fool you into thinking they know what you should like. They get to sounding like wine snobs: those people who say you shouldn’t like a bottle that costs less than $25 or comes from the wrong longitude/latitude. Taste is determined by many factors: sense of smell, memory, sensitivity, open-mindedness, and more.

Besides, there are whole groups of people for whom anything sweet is disgusting (people who usually like cheese and dry wine) and plenty of individuals who could eat chocolate three meals a day. Everyone is different, as you will also see at the Vape Guide E Liquids page.

The Best E Liquid is Your Favorite

I’m trying to say that the best e liquid is one that fits criteria you set.

Here are some of the factors affecting your choices:

• Cost
• Allergens
• Flavor preferences
• Your e cig setup

A number of consumers find they are allergic to propylene glycol, that food colorings irritate them, or are affected by particular flavorings. If you were hyper-sensitive to anything orange as a child, it’s possible an orange-colored e liquid will give you a rash or make you jittery even now. Don’t forget that ingesting and inhaling ingredients is different. Some scientists argue that you consume more of something by inhaling vapor than by swallowing that ingredient.

Some Favorites

It is true, though, that some companies have created excellent products. Even if 90% of their stock is merely so-so, the other 10% gets such enthusiastic reviews that you wonder how their e liquid can be so inexpensive. Here are some of the brands I will look at below, chosen more because they are overlooked in favor of some elite brands than out of personal preference. I’m talking about Carpe Diem, Velvet Cloud, Adirondack, Aces, and Kind Juice.

Adirondack from Rome New York

The Adirondacks in Upstate New York are idyllic, beautiful, and now associated with the “Summit” e juice line. They also make a series called “Base Camp,” but since Summit liquids are their best offering we’ll talk about those. They come in green square bottles and feature propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin 70/30, 50/50, or max vegetable glycerin. Choose up to 1.8 mg of nicotine: not that much, but potent if you go for a 70/30 blend.

Placid contains the essences of pear, strawberry, honeysuckle, and lime (artificial or natural is not stated). Ticonderoga is an unusual but excellent elderberry vape. Try Delta if you like berries, watermelon, and guava, but have never tried them all together before.

Carpe Diem Vapor

It’s the same story at Carpe Diem: no details about ingredients being USP, food-grade, natural, artificial, etc. I would bet these are not made from natural extracts merely because the use of such high-quality ingredients would be a selling point worth sharing.

Strawberry NomNom has captivated audiences with its real strawberry flavor and hints of cinnamon and sugar, just like a dish from childhood summer picnics. Slevin has won awards for its blend of cinnamon, apples, and ice cream (sort of like pie). Lemon pound cake and icing come across strongly, but not too strongly in Lemon my Cupcake.

Velvet Cloud

This company from San Francisco proudly makes propylene glycol-free e liquids, adding a small amount of distilled water to vegetable glycerin so it is not too thick for your atomizer. Their Mewlew’s Revenge is butterscotch and dark chocolate combined with dark fruits, like gourmet chocolate. Vanilla Custard has received almost 500 reviews and gets 4 ½ stars. Straw Gwab (strawberry guava) is equally reliable, popular, and not too sweet.

Aces E Juice

Maverick e juice has received high ratings on Spinfuel, and that’s the place to go if you want to know the opinions of several expert palates. This juice features the feel and flavor of vanilla custard and caramel. Aces also makes other flavors, but you can’t do much better than to be ranked highly by Spinfuel.

Kind Juice

As I mentioned above, e liquids sometimes irritate users unexpectedly. The fact is consumers are often completely unaware of what is in their e liquid and assume that no one would produce a juice that could hurt someone. Even though the harm is unintentional, reactions to these products are inevitable because of ignorance behind the scenes.

Just about anyone can make an e liquid and sell it online. There is still plenty of space for competition if you can hang your product on a gimmicky hook. These juices are the reason the FDA is getting involved, but Kind Juice has acted ahead of the FDA to promote juice that won’t hurt anyone.

At least, they seem to have covered all the bases: GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, dyes, and pesticides are all out. Their flavors are made entirely from vegetable glycerin and organic extracts. Geisha Moon Sing tastes like plum wine and jasmine with just the right amount of floral and plenty of depth. A spicy clove e juice, Teacher’s Pet is intense.

More Juices

I’m not picking favorites here, but showing the vaping world that if all they have ever known is Halo or V2, there is plenty more e juice to be had. Those are good juices too, but there are no limits to what a vaper could experience with a bit of bravery and some guidance. Most of the flavors I have noted above contain no tobacco. It’s a trend to make sweet or fruity e liquid and for the public to prefer that over tobacco. For good tobacco choices, try Crystal Canyon Vapes and Halo.

More About Vape Juice

Vaporizers (or advanced e cigs) do not come with cartomizers. They use tanks or clearomizers which have to be filled with e liquid.

How do you choose e liquid from the scores of products on the market?

Do you have to buy the e liquid supplied by a brand or can you use any brand that looks good?

Are high end e juices worth the money?

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

e juice bottlesName Brand Electronics with Juices

First of all, many of the well known cig brands make or at least market their own brand of e liquid.

These include V2 Cigs, VaporFi, Vapor4Life, Apollo, and Halo. Electronics companies such as Kanger, JoyeTech, ELeaf, Innokin, and Cloupor only make 510, eGo, and advanced vaporizers, not e juice.

So if you buy a Triton from Halo, this utilizes a clearomizer. You have to fill it with e liquid, but it does not have to be Halo Purity e juice. V2 Cigs e liquid, Apollo, V4Life, VaporFi, and countless other brands are suitable.

One thing to Remember

But it is important to note that not all atomizers were designed for highly viscous e liquid and most e liquids for beginner and intermediate vapers are made with a high level of propylene glycol. These are thinner e juices suitable for eGos and medium to high-resistance coils.

If you are going to be using vegetable glycerin-dominant e liquids, your atomizer should be built for that. You want something like an Aspire Nautilus, a rebuildable atomizer, or a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

PG and VG

PG is propylene glycol, one of the common bases found in e liquid. VG is vegetable glycerin, another base.

Most e liquids contain at least some of both, although some consumers refuse to use PG and look for VG-only e liquids. They are not sure if PG is a safe ingredient, and if they avoid refined foods probably never consume the stuff. Otherwise, it is everywhere.

Vegetable glycerin is very thick. For advanced vapers looking to chase clouds, thick e liquid is ideal. Just because it is thick, however, does not mean an e liquid is any good.

Determining The Best E Liquids

Your selection of e liquids is so considerable that it helps to make a choice based on several factors:

  • One is the type of device you are using.
  • Another is your budget.
  • Consider tank material: for plastic, only non-acidic juices are okay.

If you want to vape cinnamon or black licorice, stick with glass. Also find out the conditions established to make e juice. Does the company have high safety standards?

A number of companies make e liquid to a moderate strength only, so if you want 2.4% or higher, that narrows your search. Choosing tobacco-dominant lists will also squeeze out a number of companies that focus on sweet flavors like baked goods, custard, cake, and fruits.

If you want natural flavors or even organic ingredients, only a very few companies deal in them. Your overwhelming list of possibilities could be narrowed to just three or four in no time.

High Priced E Liquid

There is a tendency for some companies to blend juices they think are very special; special enough to cost 80 cents or more per milliliter. If you ever used cartomizers costing anything from $2 to $4 per ml, this seems like a big savings.

But in comparison with affordable juices at 50 cents per ml, high end prices add up. If a product is barrel-steeped for a few weeks, you will almost certainly pay a premium. Is this juice worth $1 per ml?

Let’s look at what we know:

Firstly, e liquids in this range are usually made by hand by an artisan juice maker. This person might have a culinary background, chemistry roots, or have been a bartender.

She could just be someone who experimented with e liquid at home. Her background is not as important as her approach to making juice. She takes her time to find flavors that blend well together.

Her choices reflect a palate for unique fusions. She might also be selling a gimmick: combinations which sound exotic but are, in fact, no better than cheap e juice.

The way to spot these high priced gimmicks is to play the field. Try several brands from the top and bottom shelves. Order one bottle each of a style of e juice from various vendors.

Compare them (blind, if possible, so as not to be swayed by a label). You will find legitimate quality differences between the after taste of coffee, apple, RY4, or butterscotch e liquids. Similarities might also shock you.

As for top shelf selection, it tends to be complex. Low end stuff is usually simplistic. You get choices like grape, cherry, coffee, or chocolate.
Exceptional brands blend these flavors with other notes: coffee with Drambuie, Amaretto, or hazelnuts; chocolate with cream, vanilla, and orange; or grape with mint, apple, and lemon.

E Juice Roulette

If trying to select e juice is still confusing, sign up to a subscription service. This will supply a box of e liquids every month, chosen according to your profile, and all of them will be a surprise.

Companies ask you what kind of flavors you like (fruit, tobacco, nuts, dessert, etc.) and what sorts you do not like (mint/menthol, savory, cocktails, and so on). They look for your nicotine preference (usually no more than 18 mg per volume with a zero option as well).

Their goal is to introduce new flavors at relatively low prices to an eager audience of e juice ingénues. This system could help you discover your favorite e juice.

Vapor Bars

Another way to try flavors is to visit vapor bars. They often offer a “try before you buy” table with several samples on the menu. You usually pay nothing to do some fun taste testing.

When you choose a style, the one you tried is behind the bar in a bottle (glass or plastic) but there are also other brands of a similar type the clerk might recommend. A good vendor helps his clients make these kinds of tough decisions.