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Texas is not exactly as thick with vape shops as California, but the state is catching up, opening lots of stores selling e-cigs, liquid, and accessories. This Good Vapes review looks at one of those shops where the local Dallas vaper and online shoppers from anywhere in the country will find the equipment they are looking for.

The Good Vapes Shopping Experience

A lot of vape stores are dark and uninviting. Not Good Vapes. They prefer a light, bright atmosphere, with modern art on the wall and a professional feel.

They approach this industry as business people aware that some of their clients are conservative individuals who simply prefer vaping in place of cigarette, pipe, or cigar smoking.

Although customers should feel welcome and relaxed, they will not be overwhelmed by a night-club style venue. They do not open especially late.

View of Products Online

Good Vapes is currently carrying a large range of inexpensive mods, e-liquid, and eGo cigs. Just one exception pops out at you: the Ameravape “The Manhattan” mod is listed here for $174.95 to $187.90 so that one has to be pretty special.

Otherwise, selection is steady and reliable with K101 mods for around $50 and up, the KTS MM for $70 or more, and an eVic costing $99.95 (which, by the way, is not your best price, but it is not unusual to see it listed for $10 more.)

Smok Magneto, Evod, Aspire, and Stardust are also listed. The Vamo VV sells for $69.95. An eClearMax costs $99.95. Most of the names should ring a bell with dab hands. New vapers can expect to see brands like Kanger, Smok, an Joyetech recur throughout their vaping life.

Tanks, Clearomizers, and Atomizers

How can Aspire sell an electronic cig kit when they make clearomizers, not batteries? It’s simple: they add eGo-T batteries, generic ones, to the package.

This kit comes with two 650mAh batteries, two black Aspire BDC clearomizers, a carry case, charger and wall adapter, and two 10ml bottles of e-liquid. When you replace your batteries and clearomizers additional choices include spinner batteries, higher-powered batteries, and colored tanks.

Good Vapes carries just 5 RBAs and a few RDAs: not an extensive list, but their choices are the backbone of everyday vaping; models for regular people, not collectable additions that cost as much as an entire kit.

The Kraken is $39.95. Buy an I-Atty for $5 less. The RSST is $34.95.Pick up a Vision Eternity RDA Kit, Smok RDA ($9.95), or an A7 RDA ($14.95). The last one is made of stainless steel hardware with nylon insulation.

Heating elements (coils and heads) are sold for the Kanger ProTank 2, Aspire, and eGo Vision Stardust.


Accessories are items which, though not strictly necessary, make vaping more convenient in some way. A lanyard is a holder for your pen when you’re on the go. Cases prevent rolling, breaking, uncleanliness, and loss. Buy extension caps or a Provari LED upgrade.

The selection of products could be a bit bigger, but some stores run the risk of carrying too many choices. E-cig store operators generally select items they use when creating their catalogue so this could be the inspiration for Good Vapes’ selection.

E-Liquid at Good Vapes

Good Vapes makes their 180+ flavors of juice in the United States with USP grade ingredients. Try a beverage, tobacco, or a specialty flavor for $9.95 (10mls, pretty dear). The highest volume is 125mls and the highest strength is 2.4% nicotine.

Mom’s Menthol is a tobacco along with Real Kentucky. The Tobacco section is loaded. Izmir Stinger receives no description, but you recognize Clove, Cherry, and Cubano.

Buy a Bellini, Irish Crème, Raspberry Lemonade, Shirley Temple, or Coffee and Cream. Good Vapes supplies a solid spread of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, and cold beverage styles minus tea unfortunately.

Anything else is a Specialty flavor, like fruits, savory foods, candy, and desserts. Blueberry is paired with everything: waffles, cheesecake, cobbler, and muffins at least. Try apricot, Bavarian Crème, or a Watermelon Rancher.

Pineapple Orange should be steered clear of your plastic tank. Pick up a Sofa King depicted in the photo as a novel creation containing cherry, pistachio, and chocolate: a blend of fruit, savory, and dessert styles.

Specialty flavors also include savory tastes such as pistachio and pizza.

Making Contact

If you want to get in touch with Good Vapes, head to either store. The Lemmon Avenue Shop opens from Monday to Saturday while the Northwest Highway branch opens its doors Monday to Sunday. Call them. Email the store.

Wholesale juice is available and jobs are listed online too in case you are moving to the area and looking for work in the vape industry. Use the map on their website and print off directions if you live out of town. It’s an easy website to navigate.

Are There Any Negatives?

Overall, the selection is pretty good, especially for people with budgets to keep in mind. I do find the juice to be overpriced, though. Also, no description is offered for any e-liquid so if the flavor is not obvious, it’s picture supposedly provides the detail you need.

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