Hookahs come from the Middle East where they are used as part of social rituals. Two people at a time smoke on the same hookah pipe over a cup of mint tea.

Individual pipes allow users to smoke at home, alone. There are also hookah rooms which are a common site in their places of origin. Sometimes consumers use illicit substances, but often they are just smoking sweet tobacco.

In the western world, regular hookahs are unfamiliar to most people. A few hookah rooms exist where people do what the hookah was meant for: gathering in a social setting. Otherwise, the most common form found in North America is the e hookah.

What Is a Hookah?

Hookahs are like smoking machines except that they emit vapor. Tobacco is smoked through water vapor sent down a pipe to a mouthpiece.

Many materials can be used in a traditional hookah, including tobacco, but also materials commonly associated with vaporizers such as the Volcano or the Silver Surfer. In other words, some users are getting high while smoking from a hookah.

What Is An E Hookah?

An electronic hookah looks a lot like an e cig and operates in the same way an e hookah does. A typical form is the pen-style vape with a tip that lights up and either a regular tip or a metal hourglass-shaped tip to resemble the traditional style found on regular hookahs.

The inside looks like this: a battery heats a coil, which then warms e liquid to the point where it produces vapor. Users inhale this vapor through the mouthpiece. One exception to the general shape of e hookahs is Starbuzz which produces cylinders that are meant to stand out.

Another type of e hookah mimics the look of a non-electric device. It uses battery power and a coil but is larger and made for two people to use. In general, electronic hookahs are colorful compared with e cigarettes. There is no default color: just lots of shades and patterns.

Flavors of e hookahs always contain something sweet. Typical varieties include fruits and fancy drinks like martinis and smoothies.

Electronic hookahs do not contain tobacco. They might have nicotine in them, but frequently they carry little or none. Also, an e hookah only uses e liquid. If a device contains dry herbs, essential oil, or wax, this is a vaporizer.

Brands of E Hookah

Some of the best e hookah’s are Starbuzz, Fantasia, and Luxury Lites. Some of the most popular e cigarette companies also make them; firms like Vaporfi, 777 and Cigavette. E hookahs can be purchased online but are also available from some retailers where customers find other electronic “smoking” products.

Vapers will locate e hookahs in smoke shops next to pipes, pipe tobacco, cigarillos, and cigars. They can buy e hookahs from some garages. A number of convenience stores sell them. Most of the time these are disposable items, but there is a way to behave more responsibly and spend less money.

E Hookah Liquid

There is the refilling option open to those who purchase rechargeable eGo devices. These are slightly larger than mini cigs and work with refillable tanks.

One then buys e hookah liquid to drop into the tank every time he wants to vape. Some mini cigs are available with refillable tanks too, but eGos come in many colorful styles which appeal to the e hookah consumer. Brands of e hookah juice include V Smoke, Square Drops, Tonic E-Vape, 777, Fantasia, and Starbuzz.

When dropping liquid into the tank, the cost of this product is much reduced compared with pre-filled, disposable items. It works out to about $2 per ml vs. 60 to 80 cents per ml. E hookah liquid is made from propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, maybe nicotine, and artificial or natural flavoring.

Debate over E Hookahs

In the hookah world, it is thought that this habit is safer than smoking. Tobacco smoke with water is not as dangerous, they argue, as cigarette smoke. Health practitioners and researchers say these people are literally blowing smoke.

Hookah vapor is just vapor with smoke and potentially more dangerous because of false notions which attract consumers to the habit. Would a person try a hookah if he realized the potential dangers? If not, then a hookah is deceptively risky to use.

What about an e hookah?

Actually, there is no difference between these and e cigs except that many disposables are available without nicotine. Those who argue there are hidden dangers found in e hookahs would say they are more appealing than e cigs because of the flavors: cherry, chocolate, Appletini, and so on.

Their perspective is that e hookahs, even more than e cigs which can also be found in fruity and sweet flavors, are targeted at a young audience and also at non-smokers. Colorful designs make it even harder to deny the appeal of e hookahs to a non-smoking audience, and to children if they can get their hands on these pens.

But the best electronic vapor hookahs are usually a little bit more expensive to buy and not as prevalent as e cigs, so finding them is not the easy job one might imagine.

It just depends on where you live and if you know someone willing to buy them for underage users (the same people who would have bought your 15 year-old cigarettes had he asked).

Whatever controversy rages about e cigs goes for e hookahs too. Their future is just as shaky as that of electronic cigarettes.