Best Vape Mods & Box Mods 2017

Here are our picks for the best adjustable vape mods of 2015. Experts are already writing up lists of the top variable, box shaped and temp control vape mods from 2015, preparing consumers to start buying for Christmas well in advance of December. Although there will be new releases before then and the table will change, this is how our list of top 10 vapor mods looks so far.

#1 Tesla 160W TC Mod

“TC” stands for temperature control. Mod manufacturers don’t just upgrade for more watts anymore because consumers expect to see those two letters as well. They provide safety, peace of mind, and reassure vapers that they are using less power and e juice. Vapers can operate the Tesla 160W at the highest wattage level or at 600F in TC mode, but there is a range of options for good reason: people like to have choice.

Tesla Metal 160w TC Mods

Tesla always supplies excellent quality and performance. Only Ni200 atomizer coils match this quality. Install them to operate in temperature control mode for a low of 0.08 ohms. Kanthal wire still lets you vape at 0.15 ohms, so it’s fine to keep using your regular Atlantis or Delta II pre-built atomizer heads. If output or temperature is rising dangerously, this mod pulls back automatically.

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#2 SMOK XPro M80 Plus

Limiting temperature is just one safety feature of this next device. Vent holes let air and gasses out so your two 18650 built-in cells won’t explode. Your mod detects resistance, low-voltage, and a shorted circuit.

The lightness of aluminum blended with a zinc alloy provides a portable yet sturdy device. Its screen is a bit of a disappointment being the usual thing: oval, small, and narrow, but it does the trick and is easy to read.

#3 KBOX Mini Mod

Kanger’s 82-mm vaporizer is satisfyingly compact. With 7W to 50W capability and a 20A maximum output, you can make serious clouds. Replace an 18650 battery with a fresh cell or recharged internally if you like pass-through vaping at your laptop. A microchip supplies protection against over-vaping, overheating, battery reversal, and other issues. The combination of a black body with red buttons is bold and modern. Kanger’s small vaporizer provides a beautifully clear screen too.

#4 Amigo iFancy

With three colors to choose from — black, silver, or green — there isn’t a lot of color to make the Amigo stand out. Grooves where fingers go supply the “fancy” part of this Amigo VW mod. Minimum resistance level is 0.3, so select suitable watts using attractive geometrically-shaped buttons. The iFancy doubles as a wireless phone charger yet measures just 3.18″.

#5 Koopor Mini 60W TC Mod

Temperature control plus a maximum of 60W gives the Koopor two fabulous selling points. Zinc alloy and 304 stainless steel create a durable but portable mod. Few mods are as compact.

Eventually there will be lots of colors but stainless steel is the starting place for a mod depicting electrodes and currents along its frame. The Koopor Mini 60W is a regulated vaporizer displaying values on its narrow screen, like a top temperature of 600F, wattage, and/or volts.

Remove batteries to charge them and replace cells with fresh ones. USB charging is also possible. Resistance of 0.1 ohms in TC mode produces great cloud cover from high-vegetable glycerin juice and a quality tank if you’ve got a Ni200 coil in there.

#6 Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

Sometimes it’s the familiar mod that keeps you coming back, like Innokin’s MVP. They’ve made a 60W MVP and upgraded to something even more interesting which makes this list, but for now don’t forget Innokin’s iTaste MVP 3.0 mod and battery charger. Battery life is indicated by colored lights but there’s a screen too. Batteries are built-in: attach a USB cable between the MVP and your gaming console to keep vaping.

#7 JoyeTech eGo One Mega

With a 2600-mAh cell built into the base, you’ll vape for hours without having to recharge. An exterior of stainless steel or black creates a Spartan but bold impression simultaneously, as though you are vaping the Terminator. Choose atomizer heads of 0.5 or 1 ohm. Airflow is adjustable on its 22-mm atomizer with metal sleeve and viewing windows.

To warn you of an impending battery failure, the eGo One’s backlit button starts flashing. First it flashes slowly. As power is depleted, it flashes more quickly. Finally, the rhythm becomes very fast so you know recharging is an urgent job. Drop everything and attach your ego One to a computer by the USB cord supplied.

#8 iStick 50W TC

When using Ni200 coils, Eleaf’s newest slender mod offers you the choice: choose the VW function or select TC mode. In Variable Watt mode Kanthal wire is acceptable, but a temperature control box mod relies on high-quality nickel which is temperature-sensitive to supply very low ohms safely. Choose from 1 to 40 watts or 200 to 600ºF, thanks to PCB advances.

A bright, seamless screen depicts pertinent values including the battery’s remaining charge for the 2600-mAh cell. The firing switch is large but arrow-shaped buttons are small with an even smaller TC button between them.

#9 Executive by Dovpo

Dovpo’s Executive 5.0 VW TC mod uses a high-tech microchip to let consumers select one of three modes: volts, watts, or temperature control. Once more, a Ni200 coil is needed to set a value of 100C to 300C or 200F to 600F. Add atomizers built for as little as 0.1 ohms. One of the finest features of this mod is the rubberized exterior over a light alloy. This TC mod is also rounded at both ends to create an odd, unique design.

#10 Innokin Disrupter

Innokin has surpassed themselves and the rest of the industry to create the most stunning vaporizer you can buy. The battery isn’t just removable: it’s a part of the body, not an internal addition. Slide and lock the Innocell into place to form an element of the Disrupter’s aesthetics. It’s a 60W temperature control vaporizer available in 7 battery colors and 3 body styles: vapers create their own design while enjoying exceptional quality electronics.

What is a Vape Mod?

A vapor cig and a vapor mod are two different things. They share a principle of offering an alternative for smokers by using battery-powered coils to heat e juice and create vapor, but everything else about them is different.

Most of the time, an e cig is thought of as either an eGo or a cigalike. These are easy to use, even if you opt for the manual style. Beginners can start with either an eGo or a cigalike and vape happily without graduating to a more complex machine known as a mod.

The word “Mod” stands for “modifiable.” E cigs are not generally modifiable. They use unregulated batteries. That is, these power sources create an electrical current that starts high then diminishes over time until they need to be charged or they die. Once a battery needs to be recycled, the entire bottom end of an e cig goes to the recycling depot. An eGo or cigalike battery is the e cig.

Mods are tubes which use a microprocessor to demand more of a battery and connect this information to a screen. A tiny chip allows one to set voltage or watts and choose coils that will operate effectively at a chosen level of output. There is a dial or a button (or multiple buttons) with which to add or subtract volts or watts.

This microprocessor also protects a battery. It detects the signs of trouble which can cause circuitry to overheat and melt, rendering a mod useless or even dangerous. They can tell when a malfunction has caused electricity to default to the shortest circuit which, if not detected, would cause a fire in your device.

In the case of a mod, this is a signal for the battery to shut down. You can try to start it up again later: if the battery was wet and dried out, for example, it might be alright, but not if a circuit has become detached or melted.

Microprocessors also recognize when voltage is too high or too low to be supported by the coil. Voltage will slowly change the resistance of your coil if you set it too high. Low voltage can kill your device too. Let the device tell you if the battery has been inserted backwards rather than simply shorting out.

Messages and values (ohms, volts, watts, and battery power) are displayed on a screen. The format of your interface differs between designs, particularly between tube mods like the iTaste 134 and box mods.

Different Types

Hana DNA 40 BlueDNA Box Mods

These are vape mods shaped like iPods or small transistor radios, sometimes thin enough to pass for a cell phone (like the MVP), but often as thick as homemade, hand-sliced bread. They are light but contain all of the above power plus sometimes more. While an MVP reaches 15 watts, there are 20, 30, 50, 100, and 150 watt box mods.

The primary advantage of these devices is their ability to accept sub-ohms. Although you can safely attach a 0.8-ohm coil to the iTaste MVP, that is as low as you will want to go. On 30 watt mods, 0.5 ohms is usually fine, and at 100 and 150 watts the lowest value (depending on your chip) could be 0.15 ohms.

Box, Tube, or Both

House of Hybrids first developed a mixture of the box and tube shape; a futuristic design reminiscent of wind-up flashlights and similar off-grid technology. The ZNA uses a replaceable battery and operates to 20 or 30 watts. VaporFi has created one that is actually the same externally, with a battery vent to prevent overheating just like the ZNA, but the VOX costs a little bit less.

Pioneer4You, Sigelei, Cloupor, Hana Modz, and others have created their own mods. Actually, most are an assemblage of pieces anyone can buy over the internet. In fact, this is one of the easiest types of e cig mods to build at home without a lot of equipment.

Vents are built into the sides; the screen, circuits, and DNA chip can all be purchased separately along with box sides, screws, and mounting pieces. Batteries don’t usually come with a mod anyway so vapers would have had to buy those separately. The same goes for a tank. Box mods usually work with 510 fixed or adjustable threading to accept most tanks.

Sub-ohms are the latest craze with vapers who realize they can exhale huge clouds of aromatic, white, fluffy vapor when they combine high volts with low resistance.

Mods as More

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 might not be the most powerful item on the planet, but it has something the others don’t: the ability to act as a power bank. A built-in battery contains enough power on a single, full charge to power a cell phone or iPod. The MVP is also a pass-through device: you can vape and charge at the same time. An E-LVT by Dovpo is also a battery bank for other wireless devices, not to mention virtually indestructible.

A few other box mods can also be used as pass-through cigs if they have a USB charging port and it is stated that pass-through use is possible.

Mechanical Mods

When you use a vaping mod without a microprocessor and having only an unregulated battery to provide power, there is no protection — no easy way to adjust heat, vapor, etc. With these mods, you rely on your ability to set airflow around the atomizer and wrap coils to suitable resistance for the power of a battery. These techniques turn elegant or stunning engraved mechanical mods into adjustable devices.