Best TC Box Mods 2017

Shoppers don’t usually take time to comment on a product unless it’s very good, very bad, or they receive a monetary incentive. Some vape stores reward clients for posting reviews on Facebook etc., but when tens or hundreds of reviews lead to a high rating, you know the device is consistent and worthy of a spot in the top rated charts. Here we’re talking about temp control box mods and the following are my top picks based on what’s most popular.

Wismec Presa

Wismec Presa TC100w Mods

This 100W TC mod offers several modes of operation including Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, Nickel 200, TCR, VW, and Bypass. That’s customization at its most precise yet flexible. TCR format is particularly accurate. The Presa runs at up to 75W with an 18650 battery installed but get the most out of your device by installing the larger 26650 cell. Apply a tank with 0.05-ohm coils when you’re in one of the TC settings or 0.1 ohms and up in VW or Bypass. The mod can be locked, operated in stealth mode, and defends vapers with high-tech firmware that prevents overheating and a short circuit. Plus, the Presa looks darn good.

Aspire Plato

Aspire Plato Gunmetal

This is the next one-piece vaping kit to challenge Joyetech’s eGrip series for top place. The beautiful, colorful Plato features a narrow mouthpiece emerging from a metallic, box-like frame with a two-piece up/down button below the large screen. Above this sits a firing switch. Operate a tank with 0.4-ohm resistance capacity or use a 1.8-ohm. This little TC mod holds an impressive amount of e juice: up to 5.6 ml depending on the style of vaping you do, thanks to a unique design which accommodates two types and sizes of atomizer heads, one sitting lower than the other. Refill e juice from one of two holes based close to the top or the bottom, also great for draining and cleaning.

Eleaf Pico

Eleaf iStick Pico Kit Pink

It is not often we get to say this in the vape world, but the Eleaf Pico is a gorgeous and unusual looking mod with mainstream features you’re going to love. There’s nothing unexpected about its technical facility such as Bypass and VW settings, 1W to 75W output, and the capacity to support three types of TC coils. TCR setting is also included. It’s just so darn cute; like a kitten curled in on itself. If I’m waxing lyrical and that sounds ridiculous, take a look at the silver, black, or white Pico with its metal trim and rounded features. It’s soft and comfortable on the outside, but full of purr on the inside. Usually it’s the dog who protects his owner, but firmware inside Eleaf’s feline Pico defends vapers from malfunction of assorted kinds.

Laisimo S3

Laisimo S3 200W TC

Here’s proof that 200W doesn’t always beat 75W; not when other numbers matter. Ratings are high and so are sales, even though Laisimo’s magnificent mod takes only 4th place on the top 5 of TC mods. Stealthy and relatively compact for a unit with so much power (5W to 200W), the Laisimo is also full of class elements like a gold-plated brass pin which is also spring-loaded, one of the highest TC ranges (up to 662F), 0.05-ohm minimum resistance, and a round OLED screen that even rotates. The battery door is held in place with magnets, covering two batteries (not included).

Sigelei T150 T150

The “T” in T150 could stand for Temperature or Touchscreen because this is a fully interactive device recognized for its Smartphone-like appearance. Operate your mod with the touch of a finger across a full-color, bright, big display that takes up one entire face. With 150W capacity, you can also operate it as a VW mod instead of TC using nickel 200 coils built to a minimum of 0.1 ohms. Well-vented batteries are not included and must be removed for recharging.

The year 2015 saw many new vaporizers released and the introduction of some brands no one had ever heard of before, at least not in North America. Some of these devices rightfully disappeared without fanfare. Others have stuck around, but there is such fierce competition in the TC (temperature control) box mod market these days that each release is soon updated or overtaken by something else.

When Evolv released their 200 watt DNA chip, this resulted in a flurry of new box mods too. Vapers using temperature control mods make the most of their devices if they install temperature-sensitive coils like Ni200 or Titanium and their box mods will not work in TC mode otherwise.

Hana Modz 200W

Hana Modz V200 Black

This US-made device is always a stunner. The manufacturer does not skimp on quality and their workmanship has evolved. But what stands out about this device is their microchip. There is nothing better than the DNA 200 by Evolv. Even Chinese companies like HCigar are using it in their 200W mod. This tiny microchip runs an OLED screen, temperature control limits, protective elements, and more. Better still: the Hanna Modz line comes in lots of pretty colors. Consider this your night club vaporizer.

HCigar 200W

Hcigar VT 200

Whatever you know about the Hanna Modz above is the same for the HCigar TC mod but in black, blue, or silver. HCigar is best known for their clones of high-cost devices. Here they appeal to the global market, legitimizing their brand by association with Evolv. The HCigar VT200 Box Mod features grooves down one face, steel buttons, and a bright screen. Corners are rounded to soften its sporty appearance.

Tesla 200W TC

Tesla 200W TC Mods

Tesla is synonymous with electricity and their 200-watt TC device is certainly powerful in that department. It costs around $85, which is a lot cheaper than the devices above (up to $200 each), but this is still a good product. Like a lot of devices the Tesla 200W TC mod is only made in black, but Tesla chose carbon fiber for durability which adds a little glimmer of texture and contrast to its appearance. Vapers are safeguarded against over-puffing, reverse battery, low voltage, and low resistance. Their OLED display screen shows up ohms, volts, watts, temperature, and battery power clearly. Fire a Ni200 coil down to 0.08 ohms for super-duper cloud chasing capability.

Snow Wolf 200W

Snow Wolf 200w

It might be black, but the Snow Wolf is a gorgeous contribution to this sometimes industrial market. You are going to love the crisp outline of a white wolf standing out in contrast to the black box of this 200 watt TC vaporizer. This is beautiful enough to give as a gift to someone. Build temperature-sensitive coils as low as 0.05 ohms: one of the lowest figures possible so far without causing a short circuit. Two batteries are held in place by a user-friendly magnetic door so you are able to recharge cells without having to plug in the whole device. This also enables vapers to replace batteries and continue puffing.

Pioneer4You IPV D2 75W

iPV D2 75W TC MODs

This shiny black aluminum item is rounded and soft, like a folded black sheaf of black paper. In a way it looks more like a flashlight than a vaporizer; slender and compact. The dark exterior also makes it a stealthy offering for those who like to vape discretely. Operate at a high of 75W and a low of 0.05 ohms, thanks to a good chip: the Yihi SX130H. Pioneer4You chose 510 threading as most manufacturers do, so you can expect this device to be compatible with most tank atomizers.

JoyeTech eVic VTC Mini

Joyetech eVic VTC Minis

A maximum of 60 watts is plenty where a lot of advanced vapers are concerned. They don’t need excessive power: just control and safety. The eVic VTC 60-watt mini vaporizer gives vapers control alright: up to 600F in TC mode, as low as 0.05 ohms resistance and 0.15 ohms if they operate in variable watt mode instead. There are several attractive shades to choose from, and JoyeTech’s beautiful screen is easy to read.

Smok X Cube II


The Smok X Cube II provides 160 watts of power in an unusual design with a backlit power bar and a lovely screen. You are going to need to buy two 18650 batteries which will be held in place by a magnetic cover: no screws. Operate the Smok X Cube II using an atomizer built for as low as 0.08 ohms or higher ohms and lower watts: as low as 6 watts. Smok makes some fantastic atomizers that would be suitable additions to the unit.

Sigelei TC 150W

Sigelei 150W TC Colors

This is probably one of the best known names in high-watt devices. Sigelei has proven their worth over and over and now they bring vapers this powerful temperature controlled box mod. Limits are 212F to 572F or 10 to 100 Joules. The Sigelei TC 150W provides protection against a short circuit, overheating, high voltage, low voltage, and low resistance.

P4Y iPV3 4 165W


For around $80, you can own this excellent product from Pioneer4You, a true pioneer in this industry. Like Sigelei, Pioneer4You has proven worthy in the box mod market and they keep increasing the stakes. This 165-watt device was recently upgraded to 200W but features are much the same: short circuit protection, temperature control, reverse battery protection, and more. They use a Yihi Chip to control their screen, voltage, watts, temperature, and safeguards.

Aspire Pegasus

aspire pegasus mods

When you think of Aspire products the word “classy” comes to mind and the Aspire Pegasus lives up to expectations. Select up to 70 watts using the knurled top-mounted dial. Build a coil as low as 0.1 ohms (TC) or 0.2 ohms (Kanthal). Operate your vaporizer at a temperature between 200F and 600F in temperature control format. Although the 18650 battery is removable and sold separately, a USB port onboard lets you charge the device without removing your cell. The shape is slender with a single stainless steel firing button. Aspire went for neutral colors suitable for a boardroom and a custom-cut suit.