Best Vape Pens

Here are some tips for buying a vaporizer pen, and our recommendations of the best products of 2016. We’re also going to cover the different types of vaping pens to help you make the best choice, as well as become aware of what is available.

This is one area of the e-cigarette market that is experiencing explosive growth. What is commonly known as a vape pen is typically what consumers move to once they have already found they enjoy standard sized e-cigs, and want to take things to the next level.

Some people refer to the mini-cigs, such as V2 or Starfire Cigs, as a vape pen, but typically they are a larger more advanced device that has a larger more powerful battery, and many have the option to do more than just vape e-liquid, but may also allow dry herbs, oil and/or wax.

Vaping is an activity that mimics smoking in many respects but is battery-powered. Consumers choose to vape instead of smoke when they want to remove the combustion and smoke from smoking and instead extract vapor from herbs, waxes, or oils. Vaping is considered a healthier alternative and cheaper than cigarettes. To get started, you need to buy a vaporizer of some kind: a large one that sits on a table or a handheld, portable, and wireless device. This latter item often resembles an ordinary pen or perhaps a felt tip pen.

The Best Vape Pen For Individual Needs

An e juice vape pen is a portable, rechargeable vaporizer for use with e liquids. It is an uncomplicated system which literally resembles a ballpoint pen, doesn’t boast a display, and features a single button — easy to operate. So what are the best examples available right now? They are mostly coming out of China from manufacturers such as JoyeTech, Kanger, and Innokin. Here’s the top 5.

Vape Pens can be divided into 4 groups: e liquid, herbal, wax, or 3-in-1 pens. Customers don’t all like vaping the same products. Many consumers of vape pens are former smokers, and some will choose e liquid while others prefer tobacco.

A number of customers use essential oils and/or wax. A contingent of society really likes them all and finds it convenient to own a 3-in-1 device. As for the pen-style, this isn’t brand new anymore, but the market is still young and under constant reconstruction.

If the items on a vapor company’s list don’t cut it today, new versions or brand new items are sure to come along. Take a look here at the top three pen vaporizers in each of four categories.

Top E Liquid Pens


VaporFi creates two pens worth mention, the Pulse and Pro.

The Pulse is a higher end device that has a digital display with a puff counter, and has a really cool charger console that’s like nothing out there.

It also has some very nice aesthetics for anyone looking into higher end stuff.

The VaporFi Pro Pen comes in black, white, orange, pink, titanium, and other solid shades to mix or match with viewing-window cartridges.
A 650-mah or 1000-mAh battery lasts all or most of a day.

It is durable, reliable, popular, and comes from a company that knows how to look after customers.

Pay about $50 for a kit.

Halo Triton

A Halo Triton has many of the other models out there beaten because it is simple and powerful.

With options from 400 mAh to 1100 mAh, it packs all the strength you need to last a day or more with proprietary tanks attached.

Customers love this unit, both for its efficiency at vaporizing e liquids and for its 11 striking colors.

A two-battery kit costs $65.


Finally, the iTaste VV 3.0 sells for about $40 to $50 and kits range from $50 or so to $60+.

There are many features of the iTaste VV V3.0 that stand out, but first is the shape of it.

Most e cig pens are true to their name: pen-shaped.

This is an angular item with rounded edges and a display screen showing you how many puffs you took and LED light indicators showing you the battery level.

You can adjust voltage to set a higher or lower temperature in keeping with the 510 or 710-threaded connected to it.

The JoyeTech eGo-Tank System

An eGo-T lets you go further on a single tank of e juice instead of refilling a little cartomizer constantly. Do away with the mess and the fuss and buy a product made by one of the industry’s oldest and best companies. They invented the eGo form, so go back to the roots of vaping and experience exceptional quality. This tank can hold up to 1.2ml, contains no sponge to soak up e liquid, yet produces tasty vapor at the press of a button. It’s small, stealthy, and easy to use. Automatic power saving is built into the system so the battery does not drain when this e cig is unused for an extensive period of time. A 650mAh cell will last you up to a day or might require recharging just once in that time.

Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 with the iClear 16

Vapers who covet an unusual e-pen appearance will enjoy the tubular-rectangular combo of a VV 4.0 with a version of the iClear 16 clearomizer. The battery features a light indicator which glows green, yellow, or red when the charge is high, moderate, or low. Dial in up to 6V by 0.1V increments or 0.5W increments between 5W and 15W. This 1000mAh cell is long-lasting and produces luscious vapor but also protects consumers from over-vaping, low voltage, and a short circuit. Attach an Innokin iClear to this pass-through functional cell and the connection is perfect while the clearo supplies at least 2 ml of e juice capacity depending on the model you select.


A larger size over eGos puts off some vapers and the additional power is not necessary for everyone either, but Kanger’s SUBVOD kit creates an excellent vape pen. Charge up a 1300mAh cell and attach a TOPTANK Nano glass tank with stainless steel organic cotton coils so your vapor will taste like nothing you have ever known from an eGo or iTaste setup. This system is more expensive and advanced, though, so be aware of that before buying this sub ohm kit measuring 18.5 mm across. Once you get the hang of it, e juice will produce amazing clouds and you will never go back. The TOPTANK holds up to 3.2 ml of liquid.

Joye eGo AIO

I’m pushing things a little by referring to this as an e juice vape pen. It isn’t clear where manufacturers draw the line, saying a device is too wide to be described as a pen, but the AIO isn’t as wide as an 18650 APV at only 19 mm in diameter. Usually, the style designed for 18650-sized cells measures 22 mm in width. This eGo is sold as a kit with a matching tank featuring a leak-proof cup system and child locking for extreme safety. Recharge using a USB cord as you ordinarily would, reaching a high of 1500mAh and many hours of vaping pleasure from a protected, top-fill system.

Eleaf iJust Mini

An iJust 2 is too big to be a pen, but the iJust Mini measures just 14 mm wide; it’s skinny and discrete. Choose from 7 colors. A BDC atomizer creates great vapor. Eleaf’s battery is a variable voltage item you adjust using a knob that fits around the power switch. Vary voltage from 3.3V to 5V. Eleaf supplies their iJust Mini battery in three sizes: 650mAh, 900mAh, and 1300mAh. Select a suitable length for the profile you wish to create and also the power level that’s going to last you an entire day before you must recharge.

Top Herbal Pens

If it’s an herbal vape pen you are after, Grenco Science has created the G Pen just for you. The Snoop Dogg version has been covered in a map of Long Beach for $85, but the ordinary slick, black variety costs $80. You get the reliability and sturdy build of stainless steel, a clean taste, and light hardware that operates well without loads of buttons.

Another option is to return to the iTaste VV V3.0. Innokin’s multi-tasker is compatible with several brands of atomizers, including herbal ones, thanks to their choice of threading.

Third on the list of herbal pens is the Pulsar 7 Vaporizer Pen. For $90 or more, you get a slim unit composed of smooth lines with an LED light to show you the unit is heating and when it is ready to use. Judging by customer reviews, this is an under-rated, overlooked brand of vapor pen herb fans should take another look at.

Top Wax Pens

A wax pen is used to heat up waxy concentrates and vaporize them so they can be inhaled. The pen-style platform is discrete, light, and portable but also inexpensive and rechargeable, so there isn’t much waste as long as you recycle batteries at the end of their lives. These are the top 5 wax pens for the time being but check back every so often for updates as new pens arrive on the market or old ones are improved.

1. KandyPens Donuts

Take the shiny, vivid colors of a SkyCloud and use it to create a new wax pen by KandyPens and what do you get? The result will probably make you think of sugary, colorful glazed donuts so clearly you can taste and smell them. A KandyPens Donut is a wax pen constructed with a newly devised ceramic dish and special atomizers. They supply a slow burn, thanks to aptly named “Sloburn” technology which replaces coils with a completely ceramic chamber, and ceramics are all the rage right now in vaporizer design. Vapers will no longer experience uneven heating, hot spots, or burnt flavor. This also ensures your wax is used up efficiently and ceramics are long-lasting too, making your investment an even better deal.

Vapers can also change their temperature with the new Donuts wax pen by KandyPens. This feature enables you to customize flavor and vapor density, choosing a setting which depends on the style of wax you’re using and your experiences with it. Select 350F, 390F, or 430F and just seconds before you are puffing and happy. Of all the mods here this is the only one to feature Temperature Control, a great bit of technology.

2. Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

Here is an affordable customer favorite, the Dr. Dabber Ghost. This wax pen also contains a better heating system than the usual cheap mod but it is still a coil unlike the system above. Then again, Dr. Dabber utilizes temperature-sensitive, heat-resistant titanium coil which maintains its temperature without putting the battery under pressure or burning down the heating element within a few days. Lock the device with 5 quick clicks and unlock it the same way. It’s easy to use and comes with assorted tools.

3. White Rhino Dube XS Vaporizer

White Rhino hits all the right notes with their slender Dube pen for wax, available in a range of stunning hues. The battery is little, so you can slide this into a very narrow pocket, even while wearing your skinny jeans, and pass it off as a pen. The Dube XS (extra-small) features a comfortable rubber mouthpiece which has been improved to last longer. A spring from older versions is gone and in its place is a metal screen which acts as a filter if you want to vape herbs, but I would recommend this $30 portable pen for wax only.

4. The Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Again, technology proves to be amazingly small with this hand-sized device containing a ceramic chamber and single-button operation. It heats up waxes and herbs in just a few seconds but, once more, I would trust my herbs to another, more sophisticated device. They tend to burn in these pen-style units. For $60, customers receive a Jewel with a ceramic heating chamber, connector, soft rubber mouthpiece, a battery base, tool, and charger.

5. Cloud V Platinum

The Platinum is an award-winner and another stealthy black item. These pens get slimmer as designers become more clever, so now it’s possible to produce great power but in a smaller format for about $80. The mouthpiece is fitted with a little window so you can watch vapor building up and move along before inhaling. The Cloud V Platinum wax vaping pen comes with a battery and mouthpiece, atomizer, charger, and dab tool.

Honorable Mentions

Concentrates, waxes, essential oils: they are all part of the same crowd where vape pen makes are concerned. The 6 colors of an Omnicron vaporizer accept waxes into their fold. This is one of the best wax vaporizers on the market according to consumers and experts for several reasons. It cleans up nicely, has a battery that lasts, stands up to a few knocks, is waterproof, and costs just $140. Enjoy relatively big clouds and consistent performance from a stealthy product.

A KandyPens Skycloud works with multiple materials but is best with waxes. This is where it shines, especially if you order the globe which is sold separately. The flavor of waxes vaporized in the globe is excellent.

The Dabbler is made by VaporBrothers, well known for their box mods. This is a stylish and compact entry into the vape pen market with prices starting at $100. They use a microprocessor, similar to the kind found in electronic cigarettes, to power the ceramic heating chamber. Each charge lasts for several hours: a long time for something so small. It looks sleek, can handle regular use, and isn’t too hard to clean either.

Top 3-in-1 Vape Pens

Increasingly, it is the trend for vape pens to be capable of doing more than vaporizing one or even two types of materials. They need to be versatile, small, yet efficient, effective, and durable. That’s a lot to ask of something the size of a ball point pen, but as consumers are aware, the only thing stopping all technology from becoming tinier is that users wouldn’t be able to see or press the buttons.

The Pro Series 3 by V2 Cigs has changed the playing field by switching from screw threads to magnetic attachment. While there is no way you’ll be mixing and matching batteries with cartridges from other brands, you won’t mind. V2 Cigs has a knack for retaining customers with their excellent technology. Clients were excited before the device was released. They are just as excited to hold it in their hands. The V2 automatically adjust its temperature according to the herb, e liquid, or (coming this winter) essential oil cartridge placed against it. This is the work of a genius starting at around $70.

A Stok will take you through your various vaping favorites, all three in a single device. It is the creation of a Dutch/German/American union, meaning customers are treated to the efficiency and skill of European engineering plus American pizzazz. Pay $75 as a starting point. 510 threading makes this one of those agile devices that can be attached to lots of different atomizers besides their own F5 Funnel Cloud cartridge, which prevents clogging and adds extra capacity to your vaping potential.

Finally, there is one more 3-in-1 pen to talk about: the Zema Pro. It comes highly recommended by clients for its affordability, futuristic looks, long-life battery lasting several hours, and overall convenience. Among the many classy features are its ceramic-nichrome heating element, 2-part filtration system, and compact size.

Locating The Best Device For You

How does one locate the best of these devices? They are listed on top-ten sites by critics who make a point of trying various types and writing their feelings about them online. Several websites sell devices and often listing customer reviews, though the fact that they carry certain items and not others is a kind of review too. Only one other option remains: try a few, either by purchasing or borrowing them. Find out what your friends are using, get their impressions, and test drive as many as you can. This is the cheapest way to personally try out vape pens if your friends and co-workers are also interested in vaporizers. If necessary, pool resources and buy one to share.

Features of the Best Vape Pens

When you go in search of a great product, your budget should not be too low. Pens can cost anything from $60 to $200 depending on their dimensions and features. Try not to buy the cheapest of these items unless you are getting a great deal on one that is ordinarily priced $100 or more. Customers pay for quality.

Vapor Delivery

Look at the vapor delivery system. The best form of delivery is glass or ceramic, followed by stainless steel. Glass does not change the quality of the vapor or emit a flavor of any kind. It is neutral. Stainless steel is safe and clean but it can impart a metallic flavor on herbs. Whichever system you own, it will need to be cleaned regularly if the experience is going be enjoyable over time and to prevent the danger of overheating, in which case herbs would catch on fire, burning you and ruining your hardware.

Vaping Products

Select a device that can work with your favorite type of vaping product, whether that is dry herbs or wax. Some devices allow one to use both; others are designed for use with just one or the other.


Find out how easy or difficult it is to empty and refill the chamber. This part is necessarily small on a vaping pen. Consider whether the heating chamber is made from ceramic or stainless steel: again, ceramic is the better option.

The Look of a Great Product

In this business, looks are exceedingly important. For a lot of individuals, a vape pen should be designed with discretion in mind. Consumers want it to resemble a real pen, not an herbal vaporizer. On the other hand, a number of clients are happier when their pens are bright and shiny: they have options too.

Recharging your Vaporizer

How long does the battery take to recharge? Can it be removed and replaced or is it built into the unit? How expensive are replacements. Will the battery hold its charge for a couple of hours at least? All electronic items (a rare item uses butane) are designed for use with or have built-in rechargeable batteries.


A vape pen will probably not offer control over the temperature. Being slim makes adding more buttons a bit tricky, although there are some that offer control features. Be aware of the item’s maximum temperature. Ensure that there is no risk of burning yourself while holding this item at its full temperature. Most devices heat up in under a minute.

Small Alternatives

The pen shape is just one type of portable vaporizer. Many other models are also small, highly functional, rechargeable devices. The same rules apply as above: expect to pay over $100 for an excellent device. Some that are made with high-grade plastic on the outside will cost less, and they are often excellent products. If you want the novelty value of something resembling a pipe, cell phone, or inhaler, these are perfect.

The beauty of a pen shape is that it slides discretely into a pocket or bag. Its outline resembles that of a pen. No one would know you had it if this worried you at all.
Products to Think about

The Cloud Pen Platinum charges quickly and looks gorgeous. Its name tells you what it looks like.

A Trifecta is made in many colors, heats up quickly, and takes multiple types of blends. White Rhino makes this attractive device which is simple and discrete.

The Atmos Raw is easy to use and stylish. Add waxy oils only. While it is light and small, the Atmos Raw is also ergonomic, meaning it should be comfortable to hold. The elliptical shape is unique and light.

Purchasing Vape Pens

To buy one of these pens, look online for a major dealer. The best, most reputable firms carry certain items in particular such as DaVinci, Atmos, Magic Flight, and the Pax by Ploom. Their shipping costs are usually waived after your order reaches a minimum value of $50 or $100 perhaps (maybe shipping is free). Check that the price you see includes both the vape pen and accessories. Waxy oils and herbs are rarely included with the package.