Most companies making e cigs today are not actually building or even assembling them in the United States, although US companies dominate the market for cigalikes, both rechargeable and disposable.

For anything larger, China is home to a lot of the brands vapers have come to trust. This is also where much of the e cig manufacturing for US companies takes place. In particular, Shenzhen has become known as the e cig capital of China, if not the whole world.

Shenzhen E Cig Brands

Some brands made in Shenzhen include Innokin, Anyvape, and Kanger. Kamry, JoyeTech, and Cloupor come from Shenzhen. The majority of e cig business is located in this manufacturing city. Your typical mod (mechanical or electronic) is made here as are the majority of variable wattage box mods, rebuildable atomizers, and tanks.

Why Choose China?

What causes companies to have their e cig parts manufactured in China?

The answer is simple: money. It is cheaper to build manufacturing plants here or to outsource work to existing plants where items are made to order for numerous firms than to make products in the western world.

Some clients go to a company that manufactures the same items for multiple clients, merely changing the logo or perhaps the color from client to client. That is why many items are given different names but appear to be the same thing. They are. That goes for some herbal, essential oil, and wax vaporizers as well.

If United States manufacturing could be completed for less, there would be more all-US-made products. At the moment, many brands are assembled in the United States. Some of them make their e liquid in the United States but use it to fill Chinese cartomizers.

But much of the e liquid in bottles and cartomizers is made in China too, where there are different quality standards compared with the US. Dedicated factories run by American companies enforce US rules one the making and filling of cartridges.

Just a handful of companies designs and manufactures their vaporizers in America. Most of these are items made with CNC machinery such as mechanical mods.

You can expect them to be available in small lots owing to the slowness of making things this way and they will also be more costly due to the additional man hours involved in their production.

Hardware Made in China

So what are you currently using to satisfy your nicotine fix?

It could be a K100, S1000 Mod, Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0, or a VW box mod by ELeaf or Sigelei. You might be holding the Smok Magneto in your hands, an Innokin VV 3.0, or perhaps a JoyeTech eVic.

Anyvape makes a Mini Ago Dry Herb Vaporizer, T2 Pyrex Glassomizer, and Cero Tank plus the VMW Sub Mod. Your Peakomizer Sub Ohm Tank comes from Shenzhen.

This is also where clones of high-end Pinoy, Greek, and American mods are made. Some clones are of such high quality they are preferable in terms of both performance and price to the originals.

Usually, however, they feature some small flaw (one air vent hole vs. two, or rougher threading), are made of lower quality alloys, or just not as collectible because they were made in their tens of thousands, not their hundreds.

Aspire batteries and tanks come from here as do the majority of Twist batteries (variable voltage with a knob at the bottom). It is probably that your eGo kit, no matter what name is on it, was made by a Shenzhen e cig factory.

General E Cig Vendors

Your generalist vendor, the one who carries just about everything from adapters and chargers to mods, works with a Shenzhen company to bring you excellent deals. Manufacturers produce items in their tens of thousands each month.

Purchasers must place a minimum order but can also place larger orders to enjoy bigger discounts. The cheapest prices for any item tend to come from the companies which place the largest orders, but that isn’t always the case.

This industry is not regulated and pricing can be all over the map. While wholesale customers save money on large purchases, they do not necessarily pass these on because they don’t have to if customers do not insist on it. Vapers should know that their $50 starter kit with a single 650-mAh battery probably cost less than half that to make, and is available for about $30 with a clearomizer and tank somewhere else, probably online.

Shenzhen E Cig Companies

A couple of e cig companies are actually named for their city. One of them is Shenzhen IJOY, makers of Acme tanks and atomizers, Twist batteries, Big Mouth E Cigs, the ETop, ITop, and more.
ETop batteries resemble bullets. Select from gold, black and gold, or silver. These are mods with a screen and intimidating militaristic appearance. IJOY also makes atomizers, eGos, EVOD batteries, Elips batteries, and mini cigs.