It seems not long ago that Ruyan changed their name once already. They were Golden Dragon, spreading e cigs internationally from Shenzhen, China. Now they are changing their name once again from Ruyan to

If you type Ruyan into the computer a few months from now, you will find yourself at, but it is the same company. With a new name, a business often introduces new products or a brand new website format so you will probably notice one or more devices added to their catalogue before Christmas. That would be saying something. The line up is sparse at the time of writing.

ruyanRuyan Overview

What is this company: a manufacturer or a retailer? They make and sell products for wholesale and dropship. Dropship is when a container is shipped to a location for almost immediate re-shipment somewhere else. An American distributor, for example, would accept a dropship for re-distribution to vendors.




Pricing Anomaly

Their product pricing is a little strange; I can’t believe what I am reading and imagine something must have been lost in translation. While my Chinese is far inferior to the English of their translators (that is, I don’t speak a word of Chinese), I would still love to see publications for American readers cross the desk of a native English speaker.

I cannot believe that a basic starter kit for the V8 cigalike costs $170 with 2 batteries, a charger, and one cartridge or $180 with 5 cartridges. That price must represent a minimum order of 20 starter kits or something. We all know the markup in the US is huge. I cannot promise you I’m right, but it seems to make sense.

Ruyan Products

Their products include an e cigar, e pipe, and e cig in blue, red, black, white, or stainless steel. A V8 battery (launched in 2006) is supposed to be charged for 18 to 24 hours when you first receive it, then 4 to 6 hours every subsequent time. No mention is made of the battery’s life after that point or its rating (180 mAh, 220 mAh, or more). Their E Pipe and E Cigar were invented and launched even before the V8 E Cig.

Ruyan sells cartridges in large boxes and disposable e cigars. While you are told that the E Cigar tastes like a cigar, there is no mention made of flavors for cartridges (strengths are listed, however).

Product Presentation

This is a very bare┬ábones site with limited product selection and uninteresting presentation. While I don’t expect dancing pandas or fireworks, I would love a brighter page with well-lit images and a sheen which tells me the company cares about details.

Products are poorly photographed so you will not get a good sense of what they can offer or how they should appear when they arrive.
It is not a problem of American jadedness on my part or having seen too many classy American websites: several other manufacturers in China make a point of presenting better pictures and more technical specifics that inspire confidence and interest.

Company Facts

The Ruyan name has traveled globally and their products are exported to 40+ countries. Their factory is EU- and CE-approved. They accept payment via several different methods to ensure inclusiveness. Shop with Paypal, Monybookers, Western Union, a Credit Card, or Moneygram. Would I shop with them? Ask again in a few months when Ruyan is fully transformed into