Vaporizers are not the same things as vapor cigarettes. Small ones (pen-style devices) operate in the same way with a battery, coil, and cartridge, but there are also larger ones and some very fancy designs.

While an e cig heats up e liquid using a coil, vaporizers heat up herbal materials, wax, or essential oils (sometimes two or all of these depending on the setting).

What is available to consumers on a budget? What can a person buy if he is able to afford whatever he wants?

Uses for Vaporizers

Many individuals choose vaporizers as alternatives to smoking, but they still insert tobacco into the cartridge. They are said to produce much less smoke and fewer chemicals than cigarettes. There are specific vaporizers for marijuana if you are into that.

Numerous individuals are using some of the top vaporizers to inhale illegal or legal marijuana and other drugs. A few devices on the market today also work with e liquids, but usually one has to change the cartridge because atomizers are designed to handle particular materials.

Vaporizer Categories

These machines are divided into portable and desktop varieties. Within these groups are further divisions: herbal, wax, essential oil, or multi-use devices; forced air or whip-style items (hands-free or hand-held); handheld plug-in or wireless; rechargeable, with removable or permanent batteries, mains-powered, and so on.

Some large units for desktop use can be enjoyed by two or more people at the same time and are shaped like boxes. Others are much smaller for personal use but priced at least as much as these bigger items, often even more.

A number of high-tech items are designed to do just about anything and to take up very little space. They can be programmed to turn off automatically after a certain length of time and are preferred for medicinal use.

Companies in the United States, Germany, and Canada are competing for this market although the hardware for many is made in China. The e cigarette market is dominated by American companies also manufacturing goods in China, particularly Shenzhen.

Several vaporizers are referred to as “pens” or “pen-style vapes.” They look like e cigs or something like actual pens, either ball point or felt-tipped.

Some are small enough to fit into one’s hand, some look like inhalers, toys, and cell phones, while a few are obviously different and will draw attention.

Black is a favorite color owing to the ease of concealing it, especially given that consumers who do not use these items are suspicious of what someone might be inhaling from them.

The Best Vaporizer Brands and Models

Some of the top brands and models of vaporizers at the present time are the PAX by Ploom, Da Vinci and Da Vinci Ascent, Magic Flight Launch Box, and Seventh Floor products like the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha.

Storz & Bickel vaporizers, Arizer devices, and the Firefly give good service. Those are just a few of the products available.

Their prices range from about $30 (for a cheap pen-vape) to over $700. You can pay as much as you want or as little, but when you only pay a little bit you only get a little bit of quality and a short life span.

Consumers don’t have to fork out $700 for quality or performance, but some of the funkiest high-tech machines are a lot of fun to use and will potentially last a lifetime.

Reading Reviews

The great thing about this industry is that consumers are quick to write up their impressions of a product on internet shopping sites and dedicated online pages. They write in magazines and talk to other consumers.

There are chat forums and Facebook exchanges giving all the information anyone could want, although they don’t always agree. While some people consider Iolite products to be excellent, others say they smell strange owing to the butane canisters they require.

While numerous individuals love the Da Buddha, there are also many people who feel it burns their herbs. Several consumers say good things about the Atmos RX, and the fact that these are often sold-out bears out rumors of their popularity, yet not everyone is impressed.

If you can stop by a real store and try a product before buying it, give that a shot. You will at least get to see how these items work and determine if there are any obvious negatives before paying your money and giving the item a try.

Excellent Products

Many people are falling in love with items such as the Firefly which looks much like an old-fashioned cell phone.

It’s not much longer than a cell phone, but it is heavier and thicker. It works magic with herbs and has a magnetic lid which makes refilling and cleaning the vaporizer easy. This is a rechargeable device which operates at multiple temperature settings.

The Storz & Bickel Volcano has been one of the industry’s most popular desktop vaporizers for several years.

One reason is that it operates virtually flawlessly for years and has had the chance to prove that given the length of time this model has been around.

Consumers also like that they can use it with a balloon which means they don’t have to draw; they just have to breathe. For ex-smokers, that’s an advantage since breathing deeply can be a challenge.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 is fun: a 3-in-1 device which allows consumers to switch from herbs to oil and e liquid depending on the cartridge they use.

A magnet connects the cartridge and battery, different from a Firefly and Da Vinci which are made in one piece (filling chamber inside). A portable V2 Pro Series vaporizer also uses signals in the magnets to determine how hot to make the coil based on which cartridge is being used.

Vapers love the Silver Surfer in part because of its simple, tilted design but also because it can be customized.

This is one of the most stylish units around and comes in many possible colors. Engravings can be added to this tabletop, mains-powered device which operates with a whip.
The Puffi-It X resembles an inhaler but actually provides dry herb vapor.

Press a button and it becomes the smallest fan-assisted vaporizer available.